Men's Cotton Rich Cycling Shorts

Men's Cotton / Lycra cycling shorts, close fit without shiny-Lycra appearence.

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Please note that cotton based fabrics may fade with use, especially in hot or sunny conditons.


   Who are they designed for?

Those who do not favour shiny Lycra. Whilst this fabric gives the same fit as Lycra, it has a soft matt appearance. Non entirely Lycra Free, but we just only just enough of it to keep the Cotton in good shape.

  • These shorts give the same fit as traditional Lycra shorts
  • Non-shiny fabric, almsot Lycra-free, more substantial and less revealing: 88% Cotton / 12% Lycra: almost non-lycra
  • Cotton / Lycra is not slippery, so there is no need for leg grippers - a great relief for many
  • Special CD Soft,Supple,Seamless padding for greater comfort, quick drying amd extra breathabilty
  • Padding made from our own Special, Soft Supple fleece-based fabric
  • High wicking propertiesof of padding  fabric ensure quick drying
  • High back to reduce drafts

    Men's Cotton / Lycra Cycling Shorts

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