Special Offer: Ladies Cycle Gloves

Durable, lightweight, washable, warm.

Please note: this garment is no longer current and we can only supply the remaining sizes as shown.

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Please note this garment is no longer current and we will not have any further stock for the time being.


Who / what are they for?


Those who need a little padding and comfort for their hands when cycling - and actually that is all of us. The nerve which runs through the palm of the hand will twitch and complain when body weight is loaded onto it for any length of time. In addition - in a fall you will always put out your hands to save yourself, and these will help to protect you from gravel rash.

  • Durable, lightweight, washable, warm.
  • Stretch Spandex back for warmth and comfort
  • Stretch finger inserts for snug fit.
  • Absorbent towelling section.
  • Amara sythetic leather palm - washable & breathable.
  • Anti-slip inserts for grip.
  • Double stitched for durability.
  • Colours: Graphite/Grey/Black


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