British-Made Performance Cycling Shorts

What makes Corinne Dennis cycling shorts so special?

Corinne Dennis Cycling Shorts


The first secret is in the padding: Soft, Seamless and Supple. These factors, which combined with the special shape of our pads means that when you sit on your bike the padding gives you great cushioning and no irritation. The softness is kinder on your skin, the seamless design reduces chafing by seams in uncomfortable places, and suppleness prevents the pad from creasing.

Our Double Comfort Shorts and ¾ Cycling Trouser have an extra thick pad and are some of our most popular garments. That said, our fleece-like padding is less bulky than many current pads on the market, and this very much helps to reduce the ‘nappy like’ feeling which some gel and foam pads produce. Good cushioning comes more from the density of the padding than the overall bulk. Our pads require no special treatments or washing care. In fact all our garments can be washed at 40oC, spun and tumble dried. We believe that sportswear should be easy to care for – after all it needs washing more frequently than other clothing! And you want to spend your free time cycling, not doing laundry!


We design our shorts to have a comfortable, flattering and snug fit. And it is very important that the padding is held snugly in place, for if the shorts are on the loose side the padding will shift around whilst pedalling, and that will increase the risk of creases or folds developing.

We are not great fans of leg grippers, and have found that our customer aren’t either.  We have a ‘leg cuff’ on our shorts to prevent the legs from ‘riding up’. These do the same job as grippers, but are far more comfortable (and flattering).  Many of our shorts have an extra wide, soft waistband, and again this feature is for better comfort.

All our shorts (and ¾ and longs) are cut higher at the back and lower in the tummy. This reduces bulk around the waist in the slightly forward leaning position on the bike. It also helps to protect the kidneys at the back by reducing the chance of a gap between shorts and top occurring, with the consequent risk of a draft in a vulnerable place.

Some garments have a small pocket for essentials like keys and lippy.

We have noticed that there are differences in shape and size between men and women! Consequently our women’s shorts are smaller in the waist, bigger in the bottom and hips and overall more shapely. We also cater for a wide range of sizes: from 8 – 20 in most cases, 22 in our top selling Ladies Double Comfort Shorts, and men’s waist sizes from 32” to 42”.


We choose all our fabrics firstly for their high performance and secondly for their flattering appearance. All fabrics used for sportswear must remain comfortable when damp, and dry out quickly. Just the opposite of denim jeans – aren’t they horrible when wet?  

Our quick drying (also called high wicking) fabrics make for much better comfort. Most of our fabrics are hard wearing, for greater durability, and where possible we choose fabrics which are non-shiny. Those of us who are beyond the first flush of youth do not relish the shiny-ness of traditional lycra! Our Supplex fabric has a far more flattering appearance, combined with great wicking properties and durability whilst staying in shape wash after wash.