Mens Cycling Longs


Longs need to perform two tasks: to keep you warm and to be comfortable. Ours do both those jobs, and as far as possible we make them look as good as possible. As with tops, they need to be quick drying and high wicking. They are also hard wearing and stretchy.

Padded or Un-Padded?

The majority of folk buy un-padded longs and then wear their favourite cycle shorts underneath. The great advantage being that there is a huge amount of padding choice in shorts, and less so in longs. It is also easier to wash a pair of shorts each ride than a pair of longs. The disadvantage is that two layers will be warmer than one, and there are some parts of the country where this isn’t a good thing.  We offer both, so the choice is yours!

We also offer a more casual looking and user friendly alternative to the traditional close fitting leggings: in our Casual Longs and Ladies Baggy ¾. Both garments have the appearance of ‘normal clothing’, whilst being cut higher at the back & with plenty of room for pedalling legs. Your favourite shorts or padded undies can be worn inconspicuously underneath.

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