Ladies Cycling Jackets


As with other cycle kit, jackets need to be reasonably close fitting so that they don’t flap about. As the top part of the body can get very hot whilst cycling, jackets need to have good breathability to prevent over-heating. A warm outer layer needs to have good thermal properties while at the same time being able to dry quickly whilst sweating. Cycle jackets often have a rear pocket, traditionally for bananas and other snacks, but today mainly used for energy bars and mobile phones!

A waterproof jacket must be just that, and in addition have good breathability, and be windproof. Corinne Dennis jackets of curse do all of these things, and they are very moderately priced to add to their attraction. We add reflective material for safety, and front hand-warmer pockets to make the garment more useful off the bike as a bonus. A drop-down flap is a great comfort on rainy days to protect your rear end, and don’t forget – it’s great to sit on when having your sandwiches!

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